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“Readers! Enjoy your life out there! By reading books, of course.”

Reading reduces stress by 68%, that is why every reader tend to have a calm demeanor. Readers are those who live in different worlds in one lifetime. A simple fact it may be, but it creates a huge impact in our lives.

Being a reader is truly a gift from the almighty itself. Therefore, I chose to utilize this incredible gift to share my thoughts about what I love to read the most.

Happy reading everyone!

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The title itself shows it’s a mystery, gothic novel, which immediately inspired me to read.

Noemí Taboada is an outgoing, bold socialite girl. She has a taste of young and handsome guys with whom she attends parties, dancing and piano, her interests changing according to her wish. Her smoking habit shows off her dauntless demeanor. During the main event of her ongoing party her father more