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“Readers! Enjoy your life out there! By reading books, of course.”

Reading reduces stress by 68%, that is why every reader tend to have a calm demeanor. Readers are those who live in different worlds in one lifetime. A simple fact it may be, but it creates a huge impact in our lives.

Being a reader is truly a gift from the almighty itself. Therefore, I chose to utilize this incredible gift to share my thoughts about what I love to read the most.

Happy reading everyone!

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I never would have imagined such a book will create so inspiring, uplifting thoughts to the reader’s mind. This novel particularly piqued my interest as I love the color purple.

As this book is about writing to God, and also I as was listening to Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman, I started my review.

The Color Purple is a novel by Alice Walker, published in 1982. The book was the breakthrough work for the author and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1983. This novel is on First person point of view. It’s more like a personal journal written to God. more