Mexican Gothic – Silvia Moreno – Garcia

The title itself shows it’s a mystery, gothic novel, which immediately inspired me to read.

Noemí Taboada is an outgoing, bold socialite girl. She has a taste of young and handsome guys with whom she attends parties, dancing and piano, her interests changing according to her wish. Her smoking habit shows off her dauntless demeanor. During the main event of her ongoing party, she gets a call from her father, for some important matter, making her second guess on whatever might be the problem. Her father states that Noemí’s newlywed cousin Catalina is unwell at High place (the place where she’s married to), located at El Triunfo. She reads the letter sent by her cousin (which was scary, actually) and heads to the High place with an agreement.

Events take turn at High place. Virgil, Catalina’s husband, Francis, Virgil’s cousin and Florence, Francis’s mother doesn’t talk much to Noemí. With no music, social life and only oil lamps (as the novel took part in the 1950s), Noemí felt very lonely. Catalina is trying to interpret something through which Noemí’s suspicions grow about the members at the High place. Virgil is sometimes good and other times a cold-hearted person. The maids and servants won’t even talk to her. Many unwanted dreams and sleepless nights haunts our lead character. But with help of Francis she tries to unveil the secrets of the High place with amazing, bone-chilling twists and turns, following the rest of the story.

There were restrictions jammed all over the High place, like silence (which Ms. Taboada hated) during dinner. And eerie silence everywhere.

No smoking. But she did though, much to Florence’s disappointment.

What I loved about the novel was, Noemí just doesn’t give a damn about anyone who judges her, and gives a perfectly savage reply. The author’s narration chained the scenes fittingly, making the flow of reading easier. Also, Noemí’s lighter and cigarettes play a major role in the novel. *Wink*. There are graphic scenes, so if you really want to get a spook by reading, then this would be an ideal book for you.

Here goes some lines from the novel which I thought to share with you.

We do not talk during dinner.”

“Not even to say ‘pass the salt’?” Noemí asked lightly, twirling her fork.

Mexican Gothic

Here comes the protagonist’s cheery, bold attitude which I absolutely enjoyed. There are many comebacks like this if you choose to read the novel.

She saw an egg, and from it rose a thin white stalk”

Mexican Gothic

And there are scenes which is terrifying, bone-tingling.

Her patience and courage was tested frequently. Nevertheless, she overcame all of her fears, boundaries and solved the mystery of high place.

I greatly enjoyed every part of the book. The train of scenes never left the track when I was reading. When I say never, I mean NEVER, because I tend to go deep into the book when I get interested, which is why some scenes won’t leave my mind.

All over the book is amazing, scary as hell and a must recommendation from me.

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