6 Book Series that I thoroughly enjoyed as a teenager.

There are many series that make a huge impact on your mind, when you just awwed over the ending (readers, admit it) , or made you drool over the characters, or you just love the cover, you name it.

As book lovers, we all have gone through our teenage lives reading a book or a whole series which made quite great progress with our age. Because we still love to read ’em, whether it’s the book we read at our childhood or at our teenage life.

So here goes the 6 book series that I thoroughly enjoyed at my teenage.

Hotbloods Series:

This is one of my favorite series that I came across with Goodreads.

Vampires have never been so hot — Comes the Million Bestselling author of Paranormal romances Bella forrest.

This series narrates to us about a teenage girl, Riley, who gets into a world of Cold-blooded Vampires, where we have normally read books, or watched movies that Vampires live with us.

But here goes the twist! These cold-blooded Vampires in the Bella Forrest Book series live on totally another planet. Yes, they’re the aliens who reached earth for their research purposes when our main character Riley meets them and gets into a problem, a massive one, at that. From where the series begins.

Riley and Navan, a cold-blooded Vampire, also Riley’s love interest finds out that the earth is in danger and sets out their journey to other fascinating planets to get allies which follows the rest of the series.

The Mortal Instruments

Imagine being in a world of Faeries, angles, and spirits. By far the most famous series that almost all age groups read, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is a series about a normal New York City, except the Warlocks, faeries, angels, evil spirits, and Shadowhunters who loom over the city invisibly. Except for Clary, she can see them, sense them, and also shares a past with them that changes her whole life. As the New York Times bestselling series, the author takes us through different fantasy levels that we can never imagine. Our main characters Clary and Jace go for Clary’s missing mother, where all the mysterious things begin to occur, Clary sees things that aren’t real in this world. When she gets to know that they’re all over another world called Downworld, is where the story begins. The Mortal Instruments have six young adult fantasy novels which are a must-read from me.

Harry Potter series

Hey who doesn’t love Harry Potter series huh? Hogwarts express, Magical spells, being a Wizard and full of surprises. I’m sure every reader out there expected their very own letter from Hogwarts, including me! Majorly devoured book series from children to adults, this is the whole new level of another world. I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter since my childhood days. It’s the words and narration of the author JK Rowling, in the books of Harry Potter series held me captivated throughout. Every Scene and word screams magic! If you don’t know Harry Potter till now. I’m sad that you’ve lost a very big thing in your life.

The Hunger Games

The hunger games is a Young adult dystopian novel featuring a sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen who wants nothing but proper food and clothes for her family. Being in the second last district of the 13 districts of Panem, a North American country, Katniss gets selected for The hunger games, held by a wealthy Capitol, a game in which one has to survive. The book series shows how Katniss will ever survive the death match, and how she will escape from the Captiol’s revolution. I immediately fell for this series when I finished the first book. It got me hooked throughout the series.

The Chronicles of Narnia

This is my most favorite and my first recommendation when anybody asks me for a book. Of course, who wouldn’t want a world where they would-be kings and queens! And that too by entering it through a Wardrobe! Fascinating right? The Chronicles of Narnia are a Fantasy Novel series by C.S. Lewis. Basically, I dreamed of going into a world like that. Fearless Aslan, the lion, and four children travel through the ups and downs of Narnia, protecting it against the evil. It had been the best-selling work of C.S. Lewis and by far my most favorite series.

To all the boys I’ve loved before.

To all the boys I’ve loved before is a cute Young adult romance where our lead character, Lara Jean, writes a letter to five boys she loved before and accidentally her letters get posted to them, the boys, I mean. She gets into trouble and has to fake a boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky. Little did she knew what will happen to her heart. It’s a super cute love story of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, the total opposites of each other in character. Added to my most favorite of all time series.

Hope you liked it, for it can be also my recommendations about what series of books you might choose to read!

Enjoy reading!

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