Why do famous authors are unique in their creation?

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Why are famous authors like Jane Austen, Alice Walker, Stephen King, and JK Rowling books are considered unique? How do they create such a fascinating world which we marvel over years to come?

Books like Harry Potter, and my personal favorite Hotbloods series by Bella Forrest are totally created in authors head. It’s not a real world. How do these authors create something so out-of-the-world, which provokes our heart in such a way that we fall in love with the characters so easily?

I have listed out what I think about it, in my opinion.

1. First of, They have what we don’t — a proper essence, gist of the story, splendid hero-heroine.

A proper essence, plot and H and h is all needed in a splendid, unique novel. Without it, the novel would collapse, and we’ll never love them. * sad face*

But clearly, I have no idea how these famous authors create such an awe-inspiring, whole universe. Apart from some well- known readers, many people get ideas effortlessly, and they often try to start with their novel, but not everyone completes them.

2. Grabbing the attention of readers.

As a reader, I realize in some books, I do give them attention as they plan to, with their novel. Books such as the Harry Potter, Hotbloods series, got me hooked throughout the entire series, as I have a bunch of reasons of why Hotbloods is the best.

3. They define their characters, place, plot, and conflicts from scratch.

If they are well-known authors, there shouldn’t be a thing called plagiarism. Many famous authors have their own unique definition of characters, plot, conflicts, including climax.

4. Every unique book has some impact on our mind.

There are thousands of genres in this book world. Every other genre of books has its own uniqueness, let’s say if we read any psychological thriller novel, it makes us sad, bewildered or scared. If we read a romance novel with HEA, it makes us happy.

5. Authors go with the flow of characters wants/conflicts.

Authors don’t write what they want to, especially in the growth of character, as the novel grows, authors tend to go with the flow of characters mind, rather than authors mind. Which in turn, gets the novel the best plot.

There are five main elements in novel writing,

  • Introduction or Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Falling Action
  • Resolution

These main elements are used to form a spectacular novel.

Every author’s work is unique in their own ways. Which is why some are famous till now.

Happy reading!

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