Why Hotbloods series are the best!

Howdy people!

Many people don’t have their best of opinion on these series.


Hotbloods — Bella Forrest.

But I feel like this is one of the best series that I’ve read!

I’ll tell you why.

Plot Synopsis:

The plot is simple — earth is in danger, so Riley(h of the novel series) and Navan(H of the novel series) join together to save earth. Now, Riley and Navan start to date each other when travelling to other planets to save our precious earth.

Riley and her best friends Angie and Lauren go for a vacation in Texas where they’ll be enjoying before they head out for college. It was then they discover something like a wing but not of a bird. Then they see them, the coldbloods, vampire species, Navan and his crew. Riley and her friends get captured, when one of the crew member takes Riley’s blood and sends it away to the queen of their planet. Annndd their journey starts!

And why they’re the best!!!!

1. First thing, here comes the Vampire who’s not only hot, but also from a whole other universe! Yes, he is indeed from a different planet!

Now when people are getting bored by the same Vampire mingling with human lives, Vampires going to college, high school and all of that crap, here comes Navan and his lads, from whole another planet.

2. And there are not only one planet (of Navan’s) we’re talking about, people, there are other planets which we wouldn’t have dreamed in our wildest dreams! And for the thousandth time I wonder…..how can Bella create such a spectacular world!

3. In addition to that, the chemistry between Navan and Riley was slow but lovely, and not only Bella gave importance to only Riley and Navan’s love life but also of her friends Angie and Lauren. Which is the ultimate prize for us readers.

One story, under that many stories.

Who doesn’t want that?

4. There were many characters, species, which Bella created. Shifters, the Fed, Amphibians, Dragons, Coldblooded vampires and much more. Also, each of the species has their own freaking planet!

And travelling through them was really a dream come true!

It’s the most enthralling, picture perfect shifter romance that you’ll probably read in just a sitting, just like I did. I found out that book for about two months ago, and I got all the books and finished it in 10 days during this pandemic.

As much as it’s purely fictional, the emotions were pure and the author got me hooked through the protagonist’s journey.

My Favorite character in this series is Lauren, as she is only a nerd in the beginning, but as the series grow, well, you’ll see when you read. *Winks*

The series was really stretching out, maybe that’s why some people didn’t like the series that much. But I loved it the most because it gave me a sense of travelling through a world which will never exist and I lived another life in just one sitting, for 10 days straight.

Let it be a YA and let me be 21, or 80, I don’t care. I will always love this series.

Happy reading!

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