Hello everyone!

As a dedicated reader from childhood, I enjoyed countless books on taste of genres like fiction, contemporary, romance, mystery, thriller, horror and fantasy, which I review without a second opinion. Not much of a fan of Non- fiction, but if it’s inspiring I always read them.

Most of my life went in only reading, from which I realized reviewing is what I always wanted to do. I have written many short-stories back in my school days. In any time I compete with my friends, challenging them to read and won, keeping a track of finishing a book of 272 pages in 7 hours (it was back in my school days and I read better than my friends). Of course, I toned my reading habits better now.

Entering into the book world is what I always dreamed of. I have interest in many young adult romances to every other mystery, thriller books.

If interested please feel free to hand me the books for reviewing on genres mentioned above.

Sudha M

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